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i Said... again

"No solution approach to a problem is correct, the justification is."

[] "Some thoughts are worth effort, but all efforts are worth a thought."

[] "Security is just followed, it's never achieved."

[] "Its a lot more people's perception deciding whats your type than your action. If you don't laugh at a joke, one could either think you are 'too dumb' and didn't get 'the' joke. Another could feel you were too 'sophisticated/sharp' to laugh at 'such a' joke."

[] "People say 'm not decent, I say Thanks for telling... what more decency
     they want."

[] "It's easy to be self when you try to be selfless."

[] "I'm real polite... you just don't argue."

[] "FPS all I survive->Strategy all I follow->Race all I do->GAMING I 'live'"

[] "I never forget... neither do I forgive."