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Concept Projects

[] Maximal-Clique-Finding Algorithm
Clique is a set of element where each set of element is connected. Say, you have a graph where each node is connected to every other node.
Its an algorithm I wrote to find out maximum clique. (In Reference to : NP Maximal Clique Problem)

:( I made this algorithm, shifted my room and lost the algo... all that is a rough initial bad-documented script. I think the only way I'll remember and bug myself to re-build it is having an entry online and making it public.

[] Fuel-less Car
It is something conceptualized when I was in 'Class X', using hydraulic power with mechanical power. I used to think this is practically possible.

Posting it here before just to remind me to draft it fine and make it online for suited people to judge if actually implementable.

[ under construction ]