~=ABK=~ Projects

  • Final/Beta Version Softwares Released
    • SiteHoster v1.0beta RC2 [language: Java ; platform: Any]
      Detail: its a light extensible Web Server aimed to be Secured from the base
      Link: @SourceForge ; @GitHub ; @GoogleCode

    • n00bRAT v0.5 [language: C ; platform: Linux/Unix ]
      About: its a Remote Administration Toolkit (or Trojan) which can be controlled from any Browser; as it runs over stealthily over HTTP as a Web-Application
      Link: @SourceForge ; @GitHub ; @GoogleCode

    • NagiosMailACK [language: Ruby]
      About: add-on for Nagios to use GMail for acknowledging alerts remotely
      Link: http://exchange.nagios.org/directory/Utilities/NagiosMailACK/details

    • Ruby-eVu [language: Ruby]
    • eVuNet [language: VB.NET]
    • Port Checker [language: Java]
    • MovieDB [language: VB6]
    • DOTSs [language: VC++.NET]
    • Code-Beautifier [language: C]
    • SecureSys [language: VB6]
    • Filmi Fun [language: VB6]
    • Alarm Artist [language: VB6]
    • Folder Artist [language: VB6]
    • VistaFX Manager [language: VB6]
    • Orkut Editor [language: VB.NET]
    • DOS Piano [language: C++]

  • Alpha Version Web-Experience ( now coding dependencies ;) )
    • CyberCops - a Web Portal
    • WebDesktop - carry an account not laptop

  • Alpha Version Softwares (on the roll)
    • A.I.NiDS
    • aCodeGen
    • G-LOC

  • Conceptual Release
    • XSS Defeating - Bug-for-a-Bug
    • Clique Finding Algo
    • Fuel-less Engine