Supervision and Mentoring

Graduated PhD candidates

1. ERONU, Emmanuel Majiyebo UA/ACA/1258 Context-Based Software Reconfiguration for Wireless Sensor Network, Graduated, 2014

2. *ASTUTI, Winda Earthquake Prediction Using Hybrid Techniques. Graduated, 2014/ Co-supervisor

3. OJENIYI, Joseph Adebayo
PhD/SSSE/2010/341 A Grid Based Graph Corrective Refinement Methodology for Digital Forensic Analysis,
Graduated, 2016/ Co-supervisor

4. BELLO-SALAU, Habeeb
PhD/SEET/2012/478 Development of Vehicle Ad-hoc Network (VANET) Communication System for Road Defects Monitoring
Graduated, 2017/ Main-supervisor

5. IGWE, Kingsley Chidozie
PhD/SSSE/2011/386 Field measurement and Rain attenuation statistics for assessment of Terrestrial and Slant Path Propagation conditions in Minna and Environs

6. EICHI, Julia Ofure
PhD/SNAS/2012/419 Environmental and Weather Impact on GSM Signals in Minna and Environs

Ongoing PhD Thesis Supervision

7. OKE, Abdulganiyu Adebayo
PhD/SET/2013/530 Prediction of Risk-Induced Cost Variability in Final Accounts of Building Projects Using Artificial Neural Networks

8. FOLORUNSO, Abiodun Taliha
PhD/SEET/2015/130 Development of Artificial Intelligent Based Water Quality Model for Control and Monitoring in Aquaculture Management System

9. AJIBOYE, Johnson Adegbenga;
Development of Spectrum Occupancy Model for Cognitive Radio System

Graduated MSc Thesis Supervision as Main Supervisor

1. ADEGBOYE, Mutiu Adesina
Development of Fish Feeding Regime Algorithm Using Vibration Analysis

2. AKACHUKWU, Chichebe Maduabuchi
Development of A Hybrid Genetic /K-Means Algorithm for Route Optimization

3. ABAH, Uchenna
M.ENG/SEET/2010/2512 Development of Genetic Algorithm Based System for Vertical Handoff in Wireless Networks

4. DADA, Bamidele
M.ENG/SEET/2010/2460 Rain Attenuation Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Network

5. ABDULRAZAQ, Abioye Abdulkabir
M.ENG/SEET/2010/2583 Development of Artificial Neural network based algorithm for Adaptive Noise Cancellation.

6. JOSEPH, Elijah
 Development of an intelligent scorpion detection system

7. BALA, Abubakar Sadiq
 Development of novel approach for scorpion detection using vibration analysis

8. Maliki, Danlami
 Development of intelligent system for financial fraud indication

9. HAQ, Arifa
 Development of Bandwidth Management and Optimization System, Case Study of FUT, Minna.

10. UMAR, Buhari
 Development of Artificial Neural Network- Fourier Descriptor Based Cattle Detection and Recognition System.

11. OLAYE, Edoghogho
M.ENG/SEET/2011/3427 Novel Wearable Device for Scorpion Sting Treatment

12. BABAKANO, Faiza Jada
 Improved Cluster Number Estimation Technique for K-Means Algorithm

13. ISAH, Adamu Dagah
 Development of Asphalt Paved Road Pothole Detection System Using Digital Image Processing Technique

14. NDAGI, Muhammed
Development of Intelligent Fruit Pulp Recognition System Using Statistical Descriptors and Artificial Neural Network

15. AYO-BELLO, Oluwabukola Aminat
Automatic Determination of Call Setup Time and Ring Tone Quality in GSM Network

16. MEBRIM, Chibuike Cham 
 Fabrication of GSM Communication Based Walking Cane Robot (GWCR) for Enhancing Ambulation

17. OKORO, Regius 
 Development of Genetic Algorithm Based Route Optimization Technique for VOIP Based Campus Communication System.

18. OBAMIILA, Ekundayo Johnson
 Development of Adaptive Bandwidth Reservation Scheme for Efficient Transmission of Telemedicine Traffic in Cellular Networks.

19. BADAMASI, Shefiu Abiodun
 Development of Non-Parametric Noise Reduction Algorithm for GSM Voice Signal

20. ISA, Ademoh
 Development of Genetic Algorithm Based Network Handoff Technique

21. *AKINBILE-ROTINWA Maryam. Dev. of an Intelligent Multimodal Biometric System for Household Appliances control

22. *Amsa, M.G.B. A Novel Techniques for analyzing Bimetallic coins

*Safinaz Bt OAP Kader Mohideen Development of Artificial Intelligence based Diabetes Control System

*Supervision at IIUM Malaysia.

Graduated MSc Thesis Supervision as Co-Supervisor

23. MAMMAN, Joseph Ndagatsa
 Development of a Cascaded Data Mining Techniques for Diabetes Classification and Diagnosis

24. ABUBAKAR, Mohammed Baba
 Performance Evaluation of AODV and OLSR Routing Protocols On Mobile Ad-Hoc Network

25. OLADEJI, Elijah Oladotun
 Artificial Intelligent Based Approach to GSM Voice Traffic Analysis

26. IBRAHIM, Salihu Dausu
 Performance of Wireless Body Area Network in The Presence of Multipath and Fading

27. ALIYU, Ibrahim
 Characterization of RF Radiation Levels of Selected Cellphones in Nigeria

28. ALIYU, Ibrahim
 Development of Catfish Recognition and Counting Algorithm

Ongoing Msc Thesis Supervision

29. ABBA, Emmanuel
Multiple Operator Embedded SIM CDR Forensic Analysis

30. ABBA, Bilikisu
Secured Billing Model for Multiple Operators Enabled SIM Cards

B. Tech/ Supervision

Number of Students Session(S)/Academic Year
10- 2016/2017
13- 2013/2014
8-2011/2012 Semester 2
12* 2011/2012 Semester 1
10* 2010/2011 Semester 2
8* 2010/2011 Semester 1

*Supervision at IIUM Malaysia.