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I've got US Magazines on Information Technology which is going to increase your awareness to IT in all aspects  of the field.

Still to come: UK Magazines.

Click contact me if you would like to download any other areas besides IT fields. I'll reply to inform you of the availability.


Maximum PC Magazine 

For Information on New Devices & Components for PCs

September 2008


Computer Power User 

If you love technologies, i'll love this magazine

November 2008


EGM - Electronic Gaming 

No 1 Video Game Magazine

November 2008



Must Download For iPod, iPod Nano, iPod Touch and Mac Computer Owners. 39 Time-Saving Tips.

November 2008



50 Tune-up Tools To Make you PC Run Faster. 100 Incredibly Useful Websites. Best Buy PC, Laptop, Camera, Phones & More.

November 2008

PC Magazine

Internet's Best Kept Secrets. Must Have Exel Tips. Discover 100 Web Gems & Hands On with Apple's New iPod

November 2008

More to come.