About Us

Mark your Calendar!  

Orders for Bare Root Trees due February 1 2015, for delivery in late April
Tree list will be available in early January
Tree Tenders Training- at Abington Friends School
Three Thursdays- March 5, 12 and 19, 6 to 9 PM 
Annual Arbor Day Celebration and Watercolor Workshop
Saturday- Sunday, April 25-26, 2015

Let's Talk Trees- at Abington Free Library
Two Mondays- September 21 and October 5, 2015
7:00 to 8:30 PM

for details, please email abingtontrees@gmail.com

The Abington Township STC was created in 1975. The Commission’s duties are provided in Chapter 42 of the Code of the Township of Abington. Some of these responsibilities fall under the auspices of a township department rather than the volunteer STC board.

Our mission centers on improving the canopy of trees across the township:

    1. We help residents and business owners understand the value of trees
    2. We help residents and business owners select, plant and care for trees
    3. We assist the township managers and commissioners manage our forest
The following priorities guide our work:

1.  Public participation and education
-Annual events
Arbor Day
Abington Night Out
Fall Tree Fest
Hands-on Learning
Scout Projects
Tree Tenders
Heritage Trees 
2.  Effective administration
      • Educate township commissioners and local effected officials on the value of trees
      • Establish a master tree plan for Abington Township
      • Identify and establish effective mechanisms for comment and recommendations regarding site plans involving trees
      • Gain access to a consulting arborist to assist the STC and township officials in making informed decisions
3.  Preservation and protection of public and private trees
    • Identify and foster the preservation of legacy or historic trees
    • Collaborate with township, county, state and private environmental groups to identify and prioritize strategies for ensuring the sustainability of Abington't woodlands
    • Fundraising to support the above priorities
The Abington Township Shade Tree Commission is a volunteer organization, comprised of five members who are appointed by the Abington Township Board of Commissioners, each for a 5-year term.  Current appointees are:
  • Rita Stevens (chair)
  • John Kennedy
  • Jeff Pyle
  • Tom Reber
  • Joe Ascenzi

The STC benefits significantly from the time and contributions from many, including associate members who participate regularly in STC meetings and events.  Current associate members are:
  • Terry Cinque
  • Elaine Rosenberg
  • Charlie Soboleski 
  • Glen Stevens
  • Kathy Weir