2014-2016 Priorities

tree inventory and analysis


Phase one street tree inventory

Framework for  master tree plan

land use planning

Thoughtful consideration of streetscape and canopy as a routine process

improved ordinance


Approved zoning ordinance supported by a master plant list

continuing education for
tree workers


Increased awareness and adoption of best practices

Tree Tenders Training

Increased public involvement in caring for trees

stewardship projects


Ardsley Community Center- establish streetscape

Ardsley Wildlife Sanctuary- protect and restore forests , meadows and riparian buffers;  guide design for stormwater management

Crestmont Park- shade the summer camp area and establish  streetscapes

Grove Park- TD Green Streets- plant 100 trees (done in 2015!)

Hallowell Park- establish the streetscapes and upstream buffer trees

Keswick Commons- establish streetscape (done in 2015!)

Roslyn revitalization, including integration with Grove Park

Saturday Morning Tree Tending events to  to ensure proper establishment of trees


external funding


Funding for development of a master tree plan and pruning of public street trees

Funding for increasing canopy- plant 100 or more trees annually

Funding for restoration of the Ardsley Wildlife Sanctuary