Pilates Elders

The term Pilates Elders means the instructor learned directly from Joseph Pilates himself.

  The Elders in order are as follows:
  • Clara Pilates (1883 - 1977): Wife of Joseph Pilates . No one worked closer to Joe then her. It was said Pilates was the inventor but Clara, she was the teacher. patient and Kind
  • Romana Kryzanowska (1923 - 2013): Probably the most famous or renounced teacher of Joseph Pilates. Held Pilates teachings most strictly to his teachings. 
Mary Bowen (1930 - ): Mary Bowen Still Teaches today. She is a Jungian Analyst as well as a Pilates teacher. 
Robert Fitzgerald: Has a studio in New York and is still teaching
Ron Fletcher (1921 - 2011): Danced with Martha Grahm. Later opened a studio in L.A. He had a very elite clientele .Barbara Stanwyck was among one his clients
Eve Gentry (1909 - 1994): Like Ron Fletcher Eve Gentry was a dancer as well as choreographer for MGM Studios. She is also where Pilates on Elmwood's lineage comes from. She developed the Eve Gentry Method and was founder of the Institute of Pilates   
Kathy Grant (1921 - 2010): Kathy Grant was one of only two students certified to teach from Joseph Pilates himself
Jay Grimes: owns a studio in LA. He Studied extensively with Joseph, Clara and Romana Kryzanowska
Bruce King Opened a Pilates studio in New York. He danced with Merce Cunningham dance company.
Lolita San Miguel (1934 -Still teaches today. She was certified thru Joseph Pilates
Carola Trier (1913 - 2000): Was the first person to open her own Pilates studio with Joseph Pilates personal blessing.