Abigail's goals for the future 


 this I believe

       HI PEOPLE! my name is Abigail i'm from El Salvador. iIm in 8th grade and I'm going to be in 9th grade in richmond high school.now I am in summer bridge.` because I have to take math and english classes with, my english teacher, mr.mannix. my interests are to go to school and to have good grades in my classes...

       My goals! my goals for the future are to get graduate from high school, so I can have my high school diploma. And then to go to UC Berkeley, to study for a career to be a lawyer, doctor, or math teacher. then after I get out getting a career for what I want to do in the future I want to get a work, have alot of money, and then get married.one of my other goals is to be very smart in all my classes at school.

      And I think that I have to do alot of things to get to my goals. I think that if I do very well in high school  and in college I'm going to do well in life.when I go to high school, I'm going to study so hard to get good grades. to get my goals I need to do some tests like the CAHSEE,SAT,ect. And for that Ineed to learn more english and be good in math. to be a math teacher I have to know about algebra, geometry like how to resolve equations, how to multiply ect.....I need to get graduate from high school, but before I have to do a test to see if I know math or not. to be a great Lawyer I need to speak very well my english, so I think that to be a lawyer it's going to a little difficult to me, I need to have straigh A's .and also to be a Doctor I ave to go to the college and study like for 6 years or something like that. And to get my goals I think I have to like alone. because if I have alot of friend that like to skip every class, I think they going to tell me to skip classes with them. and  I think it could affect me to much, in my future....I think that its all I need to do to get my goals in the future....





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