Symbolism of Om

Symbolism of the Oms in the Meditation hall at Abhyasa Ashram
(See Om article for further meaning)

  • Oms on the printed cloth on the wall: Vaishvanara, the gross realm of the waking state and the conscious mind. 
  • Shadow of the brass Om: Taijasa, the subtle realm of the dreaming state and the active unconscious mind. 
  • Brass Om: Prajna, the causal plane, the deep dreamless sleep state and the latent unconscious, the domain of samskaras that are the driving force of karma or actions. 
  • Lingam: Shiva lingam (symbolized by the stone above the light and below the brass Om) is the primary ground for manifestation. It is hiranyagarbha, literally the golden womb. On the inner journey it is experienced as the bindu that is pierced, transitioning to the realization of the Absolute Reality, Brahman, Shiva that is one and the same with Shakti (which is symbolized by the light, below). 
  • Light: Turiya, the fourth state of pure consciousness, Atman, Shakti (that is one with Shiva), which projects outward through the deep impressions of the causal (the brass Om), manifesting in/as the subtle (the shadow) and, in turn, in/as the gross (the Oms on the wall cloth). 
  • Not icon worship: Please note that this is about symbolism of the subtler realities for meditation; this is not about worship of the physical form of the Om.