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Teaching Staff

Following are teachers of the ashram. Individual teaching schedules will be posted in the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Activities tabs in the left column. Bios will be expanded later. Each of the faculty members approaches yoga is an integrated system of body, breath, and mind so as to experience the union (yoga) of the individual self and the universal Self, commonly known as Self-realization. Each is involved in life coaching through the lens of traditional Yoga of the Himalayan masters.

Swami Jnaneshvara:
Systematic yoga meditation, Pranayama, breath training. Yoga psychology life coaching
Fort Walton Beach, FL

Ma Tripurashakti:
Hatha yoga, systematic yoga meditation. yoga therapy. Ma Tri is from Holland and is here in Florida as much as possible. She also teaches in Holland and elsewhere in Europe.
Fort Walton Beach, FL
The Hague, Netherlands

June Enfinger
Hatha yoga and meditation
DeFuniak Springs, FL