*Online Satsang

STREAMING LIVE VIDEO (through Facebook video technology) (FBL)

We have online live streaming video streaming into the Abhyasa Ashram Satsang group on Facebook. Most of our live online satsangs are through this medium. Days and times are:
SUN, 10:00am: Sunday Satsang (FBL)
SUN, 4:00pm: CORE: Leela Play
MON, 10:00am: CORE: Upanishads (FBL)
TUE, 7:00pm: CORE: Bhagavad Gita / Tripura Rahasya (FBL)
WED, 1:00pm: CORE: Upanishads (FBL)
WED, 7:00pm: CORE: Yoga Sutras (FBL)
FRI, 1:00pm: CORE: Bhagavad Gita / Tripura Rahasya (FBL)
SAT, 8:00am: CORE: Yoga Sutras (FBL)
SAT, 10:00am: COMPLEMENTARY: Articles (FBL) 
SAT, 7:00pm: CORE: Upanishads (FBL)
(All times are Central US)
Take a look at the list of Core Texts that we review.
For video archives please go to the Facebook Videos link in the left column or click here.
Archives are also on our YouTube channel. 
Table Talks happen on an unscheduled basis.

THIS WEEK & LOGIN: To see the current week, please Go to the "Activities" post at the top of the Abhyasa Ashram Satsang Facebook group. 

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TIME ZONE: Go here to calculate time differences (Our time here in Florida is Central time in U.S., which is same as Chicago time).

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