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On most days we live stream videos into some of our Facebook groups, including the following groups. All of the videos are automatically archived within the groups, but some of them are also linked below.

Below are some of the archives by topic name:

SUNDAY SATSANGS (only a few samples)


OTHER ARCHIVES (only a few samples)

Mere belief in God 
A few comments on jobs and service. a personal story about karma yoga 
Time, place, and environment for meditation 
Preparing the body for meditation 
Discussion of the two principles of "nirodhah" and "vrittis" 
The founders of religion...
Various schools of theology argue over semantics 
Bestowing of grace 
Religions have two great weapons 
Religions can be divided into two groups 
Religious dogma 
The preachings of religion 
Don't be impatient with meditation 
Thoughts and Questions 
If you don't want to meditate 
Daily internal dialogues 
Remaining aware of the reality within 
Dealing with fear 
Putting questions to yourself 
Listening to your conscience 
Sunday Satsang part 2, Discussion on diaphragmatic breathing 
Sunday Satsang part 1, Discussion on diaphragmatic breathing 
Tour of Abhyasa Ashram
Do you remember? Be aware of "here!"