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Dear Friends of Abhyasa Ashram,

We do not have formal membership as an organization. People naturally visit, often participating in what we do for a while, and then moving on in life. However, I sometimes think of frequent participants as being similar to members, even family. 

Here is a typical orientation of active participants in our Abhyasa Ashram.

  1. RELATIONSHIPS: You have developed a personal relationship with Swami J and other regular participants.
  2. COMMUNITY: You enjoy being in friendly community with other aspirants who are involved with the ashram.
  3. PERSPECTIVES: Your personal perspectives (world views, philosophies of life) match with the principles and practices of our tradition and the ashram.
  4. COURSES: You enroll in, and actively experience our online courses
  5. SATSANG: You participate in our satsangs when you can, especially the online meetings/satsangs Join our Abhyasa Ashram Satsang group and get involved; watch the video satsangs; make comments and raise questions. Join the Table Talk group that is linked there. Participate in some of the 10-12 streaming videos that are broadcast each week.
  6. DAILY MEDITATION: You feel committed to daily meditation, every day, regardless of the nature and length of that meditation. There may be one or more meditations per day, but the commitment is only for one.
  7. ALIGN ONE MEDITATION: You try to align one of your meditations per week with the meditation schedule at the ashram, which is four times per day, seven days per week (daily at 6am, 12pm, 6pm, 9pm central time US). In this way there will always be at least one time per week in which we are sitting together even if you are in a different city or country.
  8. SELF-AWARENESS: You practice self-awareness or meditation in action every day, with a gentle vow to yourself to expand or deepen that awareness over time.
  9. VIDEO Channel: You have subscribed to our Video channel on Vimeo and watch the video archives. 
  10. ONGOING LEARNING: You have some form of weekly personal learning of principles supporting practices, whether through personal contact, ashram Facebook groups, books, websites, audios, videos, or online courses. Acquire and read some of the books that we routinely review online.
  11. NEWSLETTER: You have subscribed to the Newsletter, which usually goes out about one a week.
  12. DUES: There are no dues or fees for ashram activities, although we understand that you may lovingly want to support the ashram through service or monetary donations.

Thank you for your interest in Abhyasa Ashram and our activities. I look forward to hearing from you. Keep in touch through video or text. I really do like to personally know the people who are regularly visit our ashram activities. 

In loving service,

Swami J 
(Swamiji, Swami J, Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati)

Abhyasa Ashram

505 Hooper Drive

Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548