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Jnana Yoga: The Heart of Traditional Yoga

Yoga is a whole life process. It is extremely common for meditators to have the problem of a noisy, chattering, or "monkey" mind. People often ask how to get the mind to "shut up" for meditation. The finer approach of Yoga is not to suppress the thinking process, but to direct the mind, training mind to be under conscious control. For meditation, this means letting go of the thoughts. However, there is an extremely important companion practice, that of wisely training the mind to be used for the positive aspects of contemplation, which has nothing to do with jabbering of a "monkey" mind.

The Contemplation of Jnana Yoga is one of the most advanced practices of traditional Yoga. The reflective process of contemplation utilizes the narrative habit of the mind in a directed way, so as to transcend not only body and breath, but most importantly, to go beyond the mind to the realization in direct experience the True Self, the Atman, or Center of Consciousness. 

This course first outlines the preparatory practices, leading one to start the process of contemplation. The course then guides you in the preliminary practices of contemplation through the processes of positive inquiry of Internal Dialogue. Finally, you will be taught the traditional contemplations, the "great" contemplations known as Mahavakyas, which have traditionally been practiced primarily by those monks living lives of renunciation in remote places like the cave monasteries of the high Himalayas.

Om will become a most important companion on your journey of Yoga.

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