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Hatha Yoga classes

In the tradition of the Himalayan masters, Yoga is considered to be a systematic process dealing with body, breath and mind, leading to the direct experience of the Self, the Atman, which is beyond or interior to all of these more surface, veiling levels of our being. While Yogasanas are definitely beneficial to the physical body, they are traditionally seen as being part of a systematic process leading to meditation and samadhi, rather than being merely physical fitness as is common these days.

We have four meditation times each day, seven days a week. Each meditation session includes time for both preparation for meditation (hatha yoga, relaxation, pranayama) and meditation itself. Some of these preparation sessions are guided classes, while most are self-directed. Please see the Daily Activities for an outline of meditation times.

Summary of practices outline and book are at the Books/Handouts page.
Please see the Calendar for schedules.