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Om Mantra: The Heart of Traditional Yoga

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Please don't "work" at these courses. Please watch the presentations leisurely, as you might watch a movie in the comfort of your living room. You will gently "take in" the principles and practices. It need not be "work." These are not like school classes for which you need to get an "A" in the course. You "live" these practices, not merely memorize them.

Om Mantra is the very heart of Yoga. It is the centerpiece of the Yoga Sutras, the essence of the Vedas and Upanishads, and the soul of the Bhagavad Gita. Om Mantra outlines the entire schema of all levels of human consciousness, and the universal path of contemplation and meditation, leading to the realization of one’s unity (Yoga) with the one infinite, universal consciousness.

In this course we will thoroughly describe the symbolism of the seven levels of consciousness, and guide you through the traditional ways of practicing Om and related mantras. We will review how mantra is used as a means of purifying the mind, how it is used for meditation, and how it is used for contemplation. We will discuss how Om is at the heart of major yogic texts. We will also discuss how several other mantras rest on the foundation of Om, and expand upon its profound essence.

Om will become a most important companion on your journey of Yoga.

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4 Hours of Video; 26 Lectures

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