*Weekly Activities

The most convenient place to see our daily update activities is at the pinned post as the top of the Abhyasa Ashram Satsang group on Facebook, a public group. You can also see the calendar at Meetup.com.  Activities are also announced through the newsletter

Here is a brief summary of our weekly satsangs:

SUN, 10:00am: Sunday Satsang (FBL) 
SUN, 4:00pm: Core texts (FBL) 

MON, 10:00am: Core Texts (FBL)
MON, 1:00pm: Table Talk (Zoom)

TUE, 7:00pm: Core Texts (FBL)

WED, 1:00pm: Core Texts (FBL)
WED, 7:00pm: Table Talk (Zoom)

THU, 1:00pm: Table Talk (Zoom)

FRI, 10;00: Table Talk (Zoom)
FRI, 1:00pm: 
Core Texts (FBL) 

SAT, 8:00am: Core texts (FBL
SAT, 10:00am: Table Talk (Zoom)
SAT, 7:00pm: Core texts (FBL)


Zoom = Interactive Video. The login links are on the related Facebook group page
FBL = Facebook Live streaming video:


Abhyasa Ashram,
Jan 7, 2011, 5:45 AM