All people are welcome to stop by to visit Abhyasa Ashram. We are very open to meeting with you and talking about meditation practices and our tradition. You will quite enjoy our meditation room. It really is a fabulous quiet space.

An ideal time to visit the ashram is a few minutes before and then during practice times. If you want to visit at other times please contact us to make sure that we or somebody else will be here to greet you. If you want personal training in our systematic method of meditation please schedule a time for personal guidance at approximately 9:30am, 2:30pm, or 7:30pm. We'll set up a mutually agreeable and workable time and day. 

If you wish to stay at the ashram, please see the guidelines on the Special Programs page. Please note that ours is not a long-term residential ashram. Visiting our ashram is like going to the home of a close friend, not like renting a hotel room at a B&B or resort. Basically, get to know us first; we have a lot of online activities you can participate in.

We are very mindful of conserving energy and saving on utility costs. 
  • In summer, dress lightly as the air conditioning is set on a relatively high temperature (82-84F). 
  • In winter, dress warmly and bring a pair of warm socks or slippers, as the heater is set on a relatively low temperature (58-62F). In winter you may also like to have a stocking cap.
There are many hotels to choose from if you want to combine a visit to the ashram with a vacation to our beautiful beaches.

In loving service,

Swami Jnaneshvara