*Daily Activities

The most convenient place to see our daily update activities is at the pinned post as the top of the Abhyasa Ashram Satsang group on Facebook, a public group. You can also see the calendar at Meetup.com. We also have online activities. Activities are also announced through the newsletter

TRAVEL NOTE: See the Travel schedules link at left for exact dates of travel. During those dates the regularly scheduled meditations may not happen. If there are changes they may be posted here. Be sure to check the meetup.com calendar, as it is almost always current.

Swami J

Photo below is of the meditation hall at Abhyasa Ashram. The brass Om is about two feet tall. The cloth behind (with printed Om) is nearly floor to ceiling.    


The following activities occur most days, except when there are other weekly, monthly, or special programs. Those occur in the class time slots indicated below (9:30am, 2:30pm, 7:30pm). 

In the tradition of the Himalayan masters, Yoga is seen as a systematic process wherein we systematically deal with all levels of our being, such that body and breath practices are an integral part of, and are intended to lead to meditation. Therefore our schedule of daily practice times is designed so that you have time for Asanas/Postures and Pranayama/Breath before and leading into meditation. (See also the Timer for pacing these practices.)

Following are typical times. Please check the meetup.com calendar for current dates and times.

5:00-6:30am: Arise, ablutions, water (tea, coffee)

6:30-7:00/8:00am: MEDITATION #1
    6:30-6:35am: Daily Mantras (see PDF and mp3 files below)
    6:35-7:00am: Preparation: Hatha, Relaxation, Pranayama
    7:00-7:30/8:00am: Meditation

8:00-9:30am: Breakfast, personal, walk
9:30-11:00am: Study, class, coaching

11:30-12:30pm: MEDITATION #2
    11:30-12:00pm: Preparation: Hatha, Relaxation, Pranayama
    12:00am-12:30pm: Meditation

12:00-2:30pm: Lunch, walk, rest, study
2:30-4:00pm: Swami Rama videos, study, coaching
4:00-5:30pm: Tea (coffee, other beverages), walk, conversation

5:30-6:30pm: MEDITATION #3
    5:30*-6:00pm: Preparation: Hatha, Relaxation, Pranayama
    6:00-6:30pm: Meditation

6:30-7:30pm: Dinner, rest
7:30-9:00pm: Satsang, class, study

9:00-9:30pm: MEDITATION #4
    9:00-9:05pm: Daily Mantras (see PDF and mp3 files below)
    9:05-9:10pm: Brief Preparation: Hatha, Relaxation, Pranayama
    9:10-9:30pm (or past 9:30pm if desired): Meditation

9:30pm: Rest, sleep
*If there is a facilitated class, it will start at 11:00 and 5:00pm and will smoothly transition into silent meditation. At the discretion of the teacher, these may start at 10:00 and 4:30pm
5:00pm - 5:30pm*: Many/most days Swami J is at the ashram at 5:00pm if you have any questions or want coaching on your practices. Then, at 5:30pm is personal, self-directed practice time.

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