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I am Abhishek Mandhana,Indian in Germany. some call me President while others Abhi, dad calls me baba-sahab and mamma Balu.


About me & my family:

I am masters in Communications Engg.Recently began my professional career in Bremen, Germany. My Dad a Business man and Mummy house Wife.

Right from my school days i had interest in Howstuffworks .I still remember a washing machine engineer at our home,after check up,he said me call your papa, we need to explain, i said ,tell me and then lolz.Open up devices and then rearranging was always a problem , after some days my mother stopped even telling me this is out of order...haahaha.

After bachelors started the journey, ME a Leo,as others always dared to take risks and Dad always trained to go no more far from Shore and calculated risks worked.After good research, dads financial assistance, mother for prayers, Good luck from freinds and teachers i landed in germany for my Masters My First Fly, First plane miss, howzaat, yeahh i missed my connecting plane in Frankfurt..start was not bad, isnt it ?

Dad casually said once he will be an Engineer and proud to say today I AM .Never saw man working to this potential at this age,where no was never acceptable till end.My dad, not a professional nor did he know much about what i am studying but discussing my decisions and the way he did reasoning always gave me a bright choice. papa i know if you read this, you will laugh at me but thanks to you for being more than a father. Mamma, You are my Driving Force, I now remeber those small things for which you used to scold me have given me great rewards and lessons to learn,

My family : 'Hum Paanch', I have 1 younger and 1 elder sister,one who fights for rights and one who makes compromises. My wishes were always fullfilled and sisters did sacrifice,hats off to my beloved sisters Archu and Annu(married to Kohinoor,pune). Cheers every moment of life, MS in Automobile,a jolly person, none other than my jiju kohinoor.

Sports,Music & Hobby:

I like to play cricket, Badminton,besides i have deep interest in listening songs and music. I play Harmonium since 11,couldnt learn to make it a professional hobby

Stamps and coins collection,my hobby. Total stamp collection around 1000 and coins 60, but now i am adding faster to my collection.

My Gurus :

Teachers , Gurus I believe are next to parents.My gurus :Prof.S.D Gokhale ->professor in Textile and Engg.Insitute, for Communications and Microcontrollers section, he who was always there to help me for whatever problems i had, he used to be my second decision after my fathers,besides this I also deeply respect Prof.Mrs.VJayshree who was always to guide me for my career and studies.

Friends :

Life is half what we make it, and half what is made by our friends.Some being bike passioners,some luv gurus,some cricketers, some techies and some management gurus and some simply bindaast,thanx to all my frends -- DON

I cannot spell S CCESS without U

Passion :

I have passion of travelling which is also one of the reasons i came here. I enjoy Snowy weather

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