Memetic Computation (NEW BOOK!)

Abstract: This book bridges the widening gap between two crucial constituents of computational intelligence: the rapidly advancing technologies of machine learning in the digital information age, and the relatively slow-moving field of general-purpose search and optimization algorithms. With this in mind, the book serves to offer a data-driven view of optimization, through the framework of memetic computation (MC).

A PDF version of the book is available here

Source codes for Chapter 4 (Sequential Knowledge Transfer Across Problems) available at Bingshui Da's Github. Note that the content of this chapter is largely based on the following journal article: Da, B., Gupta, A., & Ong, Y. S. (2018). Curbing Negative Influences Online for Seamless Transfer Evolutionary Optimization. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, (99), 1-14.

Source codes for Chapter 5 (Multitask Knowledge Transfer Across Problems) available here.

A list of identified publication errors can be found hereThe erratum will be continuously updated over time. Readers are kindly requested to contact the authors in this regard. This will help us improve the next version of the book.