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In the long run the pessimist may be proved right, but the optimist has a better time on the trip.
~Daniel L. Reardon

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A page from my journal

It was inexplicable. I wanted to have a home page of my own, without those cluttering banner ads, where I was fighting for visibility with ads! Thanks to Google, I have a page of my own on the networked world!

Change is necessary, they say. And I say too! Thats why I thought of refurbishing this page and rewritting the whole content. Why to bore even a single visitor to my site (If there is someone).

Lets talk about something. Something related to .... ? Hmm, okay lets talk about me. After all, I should tell you all about myself. So here it goes.

I am an unanswered question, I am an unquestioned answer. That best describes me. And believe me, these are my own lines, havent picked them up from somewhere. The truth is that this question gives me shudders. Who am I? I dont know! How am I going to describe myself? Well maybe through some hand-picked adjectives. But you know, I am different. Different from all you. I am different coz I chose to be different. I dont want to follow something coz everyone is following. I chose my own way and I chose my own destination. I am the master of my own ship. You may feel comfortable with me and my certain aspects and you may feel the heat of uncomfort running deep with another set of aspects. But it is like this only! Everone and everything has positive and negatives associated with it. And its necessary to strike a positive balance, to have some negativity. I talk like philosophical sorts. Aint I ? I do. I see a reason where you see no reason at all. I want to mend, what you see as perfect. I see what you dont see. Life often leads you to places and situations you never expect. Life challenges you to mould you. A firm optimist, I see no harm in being positive, come whatever may. Some say that nothing good happens by being positive everytime, esp in times of distress. I say do you get something being negative? No you dont, I can bet on it. Positive thoughts help in creating a positive aura and positive energy around you and well within you. It works wonders and why not give it a try.

I will pretty soon update and add on more pages, just gimme some time.

Lost and Found

Well, I had lost long ago, but on 10th June 2007 someone lost me in my entirety. With a vow not to return ever, I pull off myself completely. The reason, someone else is better than me in every sense and I am not any good anymore. Moreover, I committed some serious mistakes, which are not being forgiven or forgotten! I tried many a times but failed time and again. Just this time, I am lost by someone, not to be found by her ever!


Time Swings!

Today is 30th July 2007. I wanted to write this stuff on my blog but somehow ended up here!

Time is a good healer as people say. But It is also the worst tormentor. It gives you so much that you end up connecting your soul to the things going around you and all of a sudden it strips you of every thing and leaves you stark naked to face the heartless, inhuman and dirty people out there! You stand naked in front of every one. You run to hide in a corner but you are surprised to find a spotlight in every croner of the earth! You feel that maybe you should end up all this by a whim of giving your life! Yes, you think so low! But, then you never do it because you were never so weak, never so immoral to even think of ending your life in a futile attempt to appease someone, to plead before someone for smoething for which have cared the most, more than your own existence. Your integrity and dignity are at stake, and these are the things you had valued most in your life. But you dont think twice and keeping them at stake for mending terms, for mending relationships. You cry out of anger, people take that as a terrible misfortune but only you know that your heart';s bleeding, bledding bad. More than that, it hurts, the pangs dont let you get away that easily. Had it been just bleeding, you could have put something to stop it. But no! You had attached your very existence, your soul to it and now since your sould has been revoked of something it used for living, how can you even expect sanctity in your thoughts? You keep loosing ground, you loose integrity, you fight for your own existence with no one but your own self! People still mock at you in bewilderment. There are looters at loose who will trear off your skin since you are naked. They cant leave you! They never wanted to! Their purpose was not your physical pain but your mental pain. You plead to other people, but they listen and just move ahead. They dont want to help you. After all, many people in the world want you to suffer in a way or another.

At the same time, the person lived for doesn't wants to even look at you. He will not even enquire that are you still alive. He has left you at the mercy of looters, just waiting for the last news, that you have been finished! He is enjoying life more than ever and when you try to be face in face with him, you are not even given a chance as there's someone who has started mattering more and most! You are not talked now coz you are a matter of filth!

So much to handle and you are lurking in the nights! Bare bones! Do you know that when you loose your integrity, nothing can be more demeaning than that! I know I lost it and I will be troubled by this life long that I lost my sanctity and integrity for someone who did not even had guts to face the Life with me!