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                  Soon, I will be starting my postdoctoral research with Nyugen Kim Thang at University d'Evry. 

Research interests: Approximation Algorithm, Online Algorithms, Scheduling, Design and Analysis of Algorithms and High-Performance Computing.

Before, I was a postdoctoral researcher at Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris and University Paris-Dauphine where my hosts were Claire Mathieu and Vangelis Paschos

I completed my Ph.D.under the joint supervision of Oded Maler and Denis Trystram from University of Grenoble Alpes, France. I was one of the recipients of Ph.D. fellowship provided by Labex PERSYVAL in 2012. During the thesis, I was lucky to have collaborated with Giorgio Lucarelli

My thesis focuses on the design and analysis of approximation and online algorithms in the context of scheduling. Particularly, we study several variants of response time minimization problems in the non-preemptive setting. Most of these problems are known to have strong lower bounds in classical models. Thus, we concentrate on exploring these problems under the relaxed notion of resource augmentation. A part of my thesis is also focused on developing computational techniques for solving general multi-objective problems.  

Before, I worked as a Research Software Engineer at IBM Research, India. There, most of my work was concentrated on the development of scalable algorithms for high performance systems. Specifically, we designed a runtime system for scheduling dynamic DAG based computations on the cluster of SMPs such as Blue Gene/P and Blue Gene/Q. A small part of work at IBM also focused on the design of scalable collaborative filtering based recommender systems. We developed new hierarchical co-clustering (bi-clustering) algorithms (for both online and offline systems) which showed up to significant improvement with respect to state-of-the-art algorithms on popular datasets. 

In 2010, I completed M.Sc (Hons) in Biological science and B.Eng (Hons.) in Computer Science from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani. I also spent a semester working under the supervision of Prof R.K Shyamasundar at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. My thesis topic here focused on the problem of scheduling affinity driven distributed scheduling of parallel computations. We developed a simple, yet powerful scheduling framework which showed some improvements with respect to Cilk software.