here is Xtraa stuff from my side, I call it special
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The Cream Of All :: search term "AbhishekKr" at any engine
like Google or Yahoo, all links diaplayed there are mine.

its the hub, everything I start or end, create or edit is here.
http://abklabs.googlepages.com/ [W.I.P.]
preparing it as a place where the creative me resides, anything
presentable created by me resides here
http://bestwares.googlepages.com/ [W.I.P.]
displays the best of best content available online
http://www.alwayspost.cjb.net/ ------------ Promo Flash Website

Mobile Stuff::this is some Mobile RingTones, Wallpapers, ScreenSavers,
Themes, Games, Softwares 'n Tricks 'bout them from Me.
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Breaching Third Party Stuff:: this is not Cracking
This isn't any sort of Cracking or Illegal Stuff port.
Here I'm posting all those WAYS or APPS(developed by me)
that can bypass the limitations of some sort in legal way.
Like Game Cheats, Security Bypasses, etc. discovered by me.
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