Softwares                                   I made!

here you get main softwares, programmed & designed by me 

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3dMultiMedia Appz :: here you can find multimedia applications with
some extra feature or privileges to enhance your media play and give
you desired entertainment at desired settings.
3dSystem AND Security Tools :: here you can find utilities to tweak your
system's internal settings according to your desire without any problem
changing its enhancing its security, interface, speed, etc.
3dInternet/Net Appz :: here you can see & download the main Internet
and Network based applications made by me. Like Browsers, Chat Prog,
Downloaders, Data Sharing, Net Utilities & Few SPECIAL Net Appz.
3dDevelopment :: here I've provided the softwares helpful for the software
developers in their development/programing/coding activity.

3dImportant S/W :: here you can get all other important softwares not
matching the former categories. And also some specials are re-indexed
here, so do have a look

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