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Name : Abhishek Kumar
D.O.B. : March,16th 1986

e-mailID :     krabhishek [@] live.com
                   abhikumar163 [@] gmail.com

Main Website : http://abhikumar163.googlepages.com/
2007-2010  M.C.A. [Goa University]              [CPI: 8.04]
2003-2006  B.C.A. [Lucknow University]    [Marks: 83.5%]
2002-2003  Senior Secondary Ist Division  [Marks: 74.2%]
2000-2001  Higher Secondary Ist Division  [Marks: 78.0%]
Web Development, Network Security, Developing/Tweaking Softwares,
Testing new softwares, 3D Modeling and Animation
Web Development in Flex, Ajax, Java Technologies, PHP;
Programming in C, C++, VB, Java,  VB.Net, VC++.Net;
3D Modeling in 3D Studio Max;
Animation in Adobe Flash, Jasc Animation Shop;
Image Editing in Adobe Photoshop, Jasc Paintshop Pro

Seminar: 'InSecurity In Security' (Semester: V)
   Detail: ways to exploit flaws within Security Protocols to attack Network,
    no Network Security Protocol is safe without proper measures.

Project Title: 'n00bRAT' (Course: Ethical Hacking, Semester: V)
  Detail: a stealthy HTTP-based Remote Administrator Tool for Linux/Unix
     machine, can be used as a Trojan to test Firewall/IDS.
  Technologies Used: C Language, Linux Socket Libraries, IPC, HTTP Protocol

Project Title: 'AI.NiDS' (Course: Artificial Intelligence, Semester: V)
  Detail: an A.I. Based Network Intrusion Detection System, implementation of
     Improved Competitive Learning Network for Attack Behaviors.
  Technologies Used: Java

Project Title: 'G-LOC' (Course: G.I.S., Semester: V)
  Detail: a tool which can store Co-ordinates data of places to ShapeFile format, convert
     Oracle Spatial Data to CSV/SHP, plot this spatial data on a MapViewer
  Technologies Used: Java, GeoTools Library, Oracle SDO_GEOMETRY Component

Project Title: 'aCodeGen' (Course: Compiler, Semester: IV)
  Detail: a Generic Code Generator which accepts Lexical Parsed value in XML based
     Intermediatory Code pattern and generates a 3-Address Code (experimental)
  Technologies Used: Java

Project Title: 'WebO.S.' (Course: Web Development, Semester: IV)
  Detail: a Cloud like Web O.S., a portal with your PC Desktop like experience with
     different kind of applications
  Technologies Used:  Flex, Java, Apache, and BlazeDS Data Server

Project Title: 'CyberCOPS'  (Course: DBMS, Semester: III)
  Detail: also submitted as IBM TGMC-2008 Project, it enabled a centralized Cyber
    Crime Reporting System which further handles the forwarding of
     complaints to respective authorities. Also, helps in spreading awareness
     regarding countering the attacks.
  Technologies Used: JSP, Servlets, Ajax, DB2, and WebSphere in Eclipse, RAD.

Project Title: 'DOTSs' (Course: OOP, Semester: III)
  Detail: a Game with proper GUI and Wrappers used to interface managed and
     unmanaged code.
  Technologies Used: Visual C++.Net 2008.

Project: Website Maintenance of www.gudms.net
  Detail: WebPage Modification, Image Editing and Database Changes for the Web Portal
     of Department of Management Studies, Goa University.
  Technologies Used: ASP.net, VB.net, MySQL

Project Title: 'C-Beautifier' (Course: C Language, Semester: II)
  Detail: C Code Indentation and Commenting Utility
  Technologies Used: C Language.

Project Title: 'ABK MovieDB' (Experimental)
  Detail: implementing XML Parser using it for a XML-Based Database Service for
     Video Library Database Management
  Technologies Used: VB 6.0

Project Title: 'ABK SecureSys v1.1' (B.C.A. End-Semester Project)
  Detail: a Registry Tweaking Utility providing settings for several Security/Explorer
     Customization/Performance Upgrade
  Technologies Used: VB 6.0

Scored Rank 1 in B.C.A.-2003 Batch, Lucknow University, Lucknow

> Search “AbhishekKr” at Google.com and have a look.
> My Website (hosted@googlepages) http://abhikumar163.googlepages.com/
> Gave a talk on “Computer : Internet And Hindi” in a National Level Hindi Seminar.
> Participated in “High Performance Computing” seminar in Year 2009.
> Participated in “Select Tools” Workshop in Year 2009.
> Participated in “Sun TechDays” at Hyderabad in Year 2009.
> Participated in IBM Workshop on Rational Robo in Year 2008.
> Participated in IBM Workshop on Eclipse, WASCE, DB2 and RAD in Year 2008.
> Participated in Workshop on SAAS in Year 2008.
> Participated in Workshop on Information Security in Year 2008.
> Participated and won prizes in Plateaunica-2008 & 2009, a college fest.
> Participated in Organizing Team for INFOFEST-2007, an IT Fest in Year 2007.
> Won First Prize in Tech-Treasure-Hunt  at Epitome-2007, IT Fest at St. Aloysius,
     Mangalore in Year 2007.
> Maintain few Tech-Blogs @ http://www.blogger.com/profile/06276198262605731980
> I'm a Deviant Artist : http://abhishekkr.deviantart.com/
> Contribution to Open-Source @ http://sourceforge.net/users/abhishekkr
> My applications hosted at Softpedia.com (famous download portal)
> Acted in few Theatrical Plays in Year 2003.
> Won Second Prize in 'Creative Writing' in Senior Secondary.

Playing Computer Games, Watching Movies, Surfing Internet, Sketching ‘n all kind of creative works..


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