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A Quick start guide and user reference manual that I started writing some time ago. I wrote this as a reference and record for myself as I started learning to use gEDA and draws from a number of excellent tutorials and guides on the web. Now that it is ready, the latest version is attached below in the hope that someone may find it of some use...

There are the following errors / omissions in the document (will be fixed soon):
1. Making new symbols:
See the symbol creation document: here.
Section 3.3: after the entire symbol is drawn, assign pin labels, pin numbers, pin sequence number and pin type. The appropriate pin type must be selected from the gEDA master attribute document (attached below.) Then Translate the origin using Edit > Symbol Translate; then save as a .sym file.

[Update: 2011-Jul-14]
Added a pdf list of keyboard shortcuts of PCB. Print and paste on your desk!

[Update: 2011-Jul-22]
Added a script to make all common configurations and customizations for gEDA and related tools.
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