Life is a journey we embark on with our own aspirations and acts.

I hail from a small city from central India. My father is an engineer and mother is a teacher and I am their second son. At the age of fourteen I joined a boarding school where I spent my next seven years to become a person with varied interests. I played field hockey for next seven years and learnt art of wood carving. The seven years of hostel experience made life long friends, helped understand people and their varied ethics and values. Due to my interests in science and mathematics I choose to study undergraduate course in electronics engineering in 2005 and later joined a UK university for post-graduation in 2009. This gave me an opportunity to meet people of different nationalities and going global in my exposure.  I also completed London marathon in 2011 and raised some charity. I also travelled to Spain and Qatar in next two years. I was permanently employed at a start-up company with bright and closed knit team. I worked for this business for two years before returning back to India in early 2013.

I am now again exploring India and my next career move.

28th April 2013

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