My name is Abhijit Bera. I was born on 3 April 1985 at Kolkata,India. Shortly afterward I moved to Muscat,Sultanate Of Oman in the Middle East where I spent most of the first seventeen years of my life. I did my schooling from Kindergaten through High School at the Indian School Muscat. I still think Muscat was the most fantastic place to live in. It had the most pristine environment.

After I finished my Class 12, I moved to Bangalore, India where I pursued my B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering. I love the city of Bangalore for it's amazing weather and of course for The Art Of Living where I met a lot of lovely people and Guruji who made me see that there is more to life than what we can explain with words, logic and rationality.

I have spent very little time in my hometown Kolkata. Neverthless, I am quite familiar with the city and I can speak fluent Bengali. I love traveling downtown by the metro rail, playing tennis and swimming at the club, driving around town when I get the car, watching DVDs, sleeping and eating delicious food prepared by my Mother. Most of my extended family lives in Kolkata.

Right now I live in Mumbai where I work as a Software Engineer for Geodesic Limited. I admire Mumbai and it's people for their spirit and hardwork. Mumbai never sleeps and it is truly a reflection of what our country can be in the 21st Century.