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Which Flowers Are In Season

which flowers are in season
    in season
  • Seasonality of food refers to the times of year when a given type food is at its peak, either in terms of harvest or its flavour. This is usually the time when the item is the cheapest and the freshest on the market.
  • A mare that is in heat
  • When a mare is 'in heat'. In other words, when the mare is ready to breed.
  • Be in or reach an optimum stage of development; develop fully and richly
  • (flower) a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
  • (of a plant) Produce flowers; bloom
  • Induce (a plant) to produce flowers
  • (flower) bloom: produce or yield flowers; "The cherry tree bloomed"
  • (flower) reproductive organ of angiosperm plants especially one having showy or colorful parts
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In Season: The Frankie Valli & 4 Seasons Anthology
In Season: The Frankie Valli & 4 Seasons Anthology
Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, In Season: The Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons Anthology

At three CDs, Rhino's 25th Anniversary Collection may have featured just a little too much. But at one CD, Rhino's distillation of that box set--also titled Anthology--may have been just a tad too short, neglecting cuts ("The Proud One," "Peanuts") that true aficionados wanted on CD. The label remedies the situation with its 2001 Anthology, which, at two CDs, is really only three songs shorter than the 25th Anniversary Collection. Thus, the casual fan may still get a bit more than necessary (including a very vanilla take on Fats Domino's "Ain't That a Shame"). The tradeoff is you'll also get everything you could possibly want by this wonderful group, including the great obscurities (although the label also released a new rarities package, Off Seasons, to coincide with this compilation). It prominently features those amazing '60s radio hits that merged Spector-ish production with East Coast street-corner doo-wop to produce epic miniature rock operas. Much of the imagery in those very class-conscious love stories would turn up in the songs of another great Italian rock star from New Jersey named Springsteen. And to this day, the music and production still sound passionate and glorious. --Bill Holdship

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Flowers and berries of Phytolacca americana (American Pokeweed)
Flowers and berries of Phytolacca americana (American Pokeweed)
American Pokeweed (Phytolacca americana) is a large herbaceous perennial plant growing up to 10 feet (3 meters) in height native to eastern North America. It is also known as American nightshade, cancer jalap, coakum, garget, inkberry, pigeon berry, pocan bush, poke root, pokeweed, redweed, scoke, red ink plant and chui xu shang lu (in Chinese medicine). Parts of this plant are highly toxic to livestock and humans, and it is considered a major pest by farmers. The plant has a large white taproot, green or red stems, and large, simple leaves. White flowers are followed by purple to almost black berries, which are a good food source for songbirds such as Northern Cardinal, Brown Thrasher, and Northern Mockingbird. Perennial herbaceous plant which can reach a height of 10 feet, but is usually four to six feet. The stem is often red as the plant matures. Upright, erect central stem early in the season. Changes to a spreading, horizontal form later in the season with the weight of the berries. Plant dies back to roots each winter. Stem has chambered pith. Il nome generico significa colorante vegetale, con evidente riferimento all’utilizzo del succo ricavato dai frutti.P. americana e una pianta erbacea perenne, con un grosso fittone fusiforme, e con fusto eretto lignificato alla base, succulento in alto, che si sviluppa in altezza fino a 3,5 m con ramificazioni regolari. Fusto principale a sezione tetragonale e rami subcilindrici (o leggermente tetragonali), lisci, glabri, e di colore che varia dal verde chiaro ad un rosso violaceo brillante che diviene il colore dominante con l’avanzare della stagione. Grandi foglie alterne, brevemente picciolate (picciolo sottile, lungo 1-2 cm), ovali- (o ellittico-) -lanceolate, a margine intero o ondulato, apice acuto e spesso mucronato, base cuneata o arrotondata, lunghe fino a 25 cm e larghe fino a 10 cm. Pagina superiore di colore verde chiaro e lucido, che tende ad ingiallire nelle stazioni piu soleggiate, e pagina inferiore opaca con nervatura rilevata e, non di rado, arrossata. Riuniti in racemi eretti e lassi, subcilindrici, lunghi fino a 15 cm e larghi 2,5-3 cm, inseriti nei fusti in posizione opposta alle foglie; fiori minuti, ermafroditi, su brevi peduncoli patenti o sub-patenti da bianco-verdastri a rosati a porporini, a seconda dello stadio di sviluppo; perianzio attinomorfo del diametro di 6-7 mm formato da 4-5 (6) elementi sepaloidi bianchi, verdastri o rosa, persistenti e riflessi alla maturazione dei frutti. Stami mediamente 10; ovario supero verdastro costituito da 10 carpelli concresciuti al centro del fiore, stili brevi e persistenti. Durante la maturazione dei frutti, i racemi da eretti diventano penduli. Il frutto immaturo, originato dall’insieme dei carpelli, ha colore verde e forma simile a quella di una zucca; sono ancora ben visibili le commessure tra i dieci carpelli originari. Giunto a maturazione, e una bacca lucida, globosa ± appiattita, con un diametro di 7-8 mm, e di colore porpora molto scuro, quasi nero. Ogni frutto contiene 10 semi lucidi e neri, di forma lenticolare. La spremitura del frutto produce un succo tossico fortemente colorante in viola. Originaria delle regioni orientali del Nordamerica dove cresce spontanea, risulta naturalizzata in tutto il territorio italiano.
seasons diptych
seasons diptych
The Seasons Spring which has its appeal in ghosts, Youth, resurrection, cleansing of the soil, And in dormant roots already considered, Stirs, with the sharpening of branches Challenges heart to do that which it cannot, Sustain overwork, overthought, overlove. It clears a path for hope: reinstates Faith, which we had too easily omitted With death, in the caustic months of the year. Summer proclaims joy, laughter before its Arrival: and deceives us into malice With its non appearance. It suggests A romance that we have not received Sunny balconies in the mind: the seldom Forgotten perfect island summer with its Warm haze on flesh, flower and hide: The blossoming of their structure, fragrance And appeal, from their own root recorded. Autumn comes strutting in like a cockerel, Red, blue, yellow and brown. It disintegrates Our purpose of singular thought; destroys Relationships: and cuts the sap of pride Ruthlessly. Those who survive retain one heart And voice. Yet autumn with contrawise motion Shields the creative mind with covering of leaves, Settles and matures dormant growth which will Reappear, under the hard skies of spring. Winter exceeds the years with impunity: Devours us of all greed: and freezes That residue. It upholds that which is not: Which is, the blaze of summer biting Into our nature for a futher reappeal. Winter intones loss of all things: Is the next step to death which is loneliness: Comfort and warmth to be found around our own Heart and grate, within the steel ribs of this age. Lynette Roberts

which flowers are in season
which flowers are in season
Texas Christian Horned Frogs (TCU) Perfect: 2010 Season In Review DVD ()
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