Large Floral Fabrics

large floral fabrics
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large scale floral.
large scale floral.
ETA: holy shit I totally just ruined this goddamn four-yard cut. there is totally some rayon or something wonky up in here, because a wash an' dry yielded crazy wrinkley mess. I may try to wet and line dry to see if that helps, but if it doesn't? I am totally not bothering a stitch with this damn thing.
1 yd - Large Whimsey Doozie Pink Cotton Quilting Fabric
1 yd - Large Whimsey Doozie Pink Cotton Quilting Fabric
Time to destash! I'm making room for new interests. Pink background with Colorful flower print. Colors: olive, green, pink, white, blue Note: This fabric has not been washed. Info: Michael Miller Pillow and Maxfield Pattern # DC-4094 100% cotton Width: 44" / 45"

large floral fabrics