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Flower Bucket

flower bucket
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flower bucket - Wool Winter
Wool Winter Cloche Bucket Flower Crushable Hat Gray
Wool Winter Cloche Bucket Flower Crushable Hat Gray
New 100% Soft Wool Winter Classic Cloche Bucket Bell Shape Pleated, Flower Bow embellishment Cap Hat. Crushable, will form fit back into shape when you put it on, elegant silhouette. Great quality. Great for chilly weather or a glamorous affair. Comfortable fit. Dress it up, dress it down. Fold and pop into your bag. Great for vacations, outdoor activities or just everyday wear. The cloche hat is a fitted, bell-shaped hat that was popular during the 1920s. (Cloche is the French word for bell.) Cloche hats are an essential adornment to compliment any woman's outfit from the simplest to the sleekest. It doesn't matter where you're headed; a cloche hat is an item that must be in every woman's closet - spring, summer, winter or fall.

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Flower Bucket-Side
Flower Bucket-Side
The side panels of the “wooden bucket” were individually made. When I tried to stick the pieces on I realized to my horror the round edges meant to be at the top were upside down. As time was running short I quickly trimmed the rounded ends and stuck them on sacrificing the height. Thank goodness the fondant had not hardened completely. Lesson learnt – to have a picture in front of me. I must make this bucket again.
Flower Bucket - Mother's Day
Flower Bucket - Mother's Day
This flower bucket, made of Pandan Chocolate butter cake was for my mother-in-law’s Mother’s Day. Size: 8” x 3”. Weight: Approx 1.4 kg.

flower bucket