Coral Wedding Flowers

coral wedding flowers
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coral wedding flowers - Red Coral
Red Coral Rose Heart Shaped Silver Platinum Overlay CAREFREE Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace and Stud Earrings Set (16")
Red Coral Rose Heart Shaped Silver Platinum Overlay CAREFREE Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace and Stud Earrings Set (16")
Give the gift of heart and roses with this set. A pair of beautifully hand craved roses out of natural red coral is set on CAREFREE sterling silver post and matched with a hand carved red coral rose set on a heart slider pendant. The pendant comes with a 16" or 18" CAREFREE Sterling Silver All Star chain. The rose studs measure around 0.41 inches (about 10.5mm) and the pendant measure 0.59 inches high and 0.55 inches wide. *CAREFREE Sterling Silver is Rhodium plated which gives the highest resistance to tarnishing and also adds an expensive platinum look to our jewelry.

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salmon coral lilium blossom wedding flower comb
salmon coral lilium blossom wedding flower comb
SALMON CORAL LILIUM BLOSSOM WEDDING FLOWER COMB I get inspiration from natural beauty of romantic liliums. Big flower is made with salmon coral silk satin fabric. In the center of the flower there are swarovski crystals and white pearl. The comb is sewn by hand. This is a very romantic hair comb for brides, bridemaids, stylish feminine women and young girls. You will look fascinating and attractive with this romantic hair comb. It is special and hand made. All of my pieces are handmade with loveĀ¦ and great care
Coral Wedding Cake
Coral Wedding Cake
Three tier cake (technically four if you count the long on in the center). Center tier is covered with sanding sugar, bottom is decorated with silver gray lace work in royal icing. The top tier is a floating tier and is covered in hand made sugar flowers, leaves and a shimmering peacock. Made EXPLORE April 30, 2010

coral wedding flowers
coral wedding flowers
Baby Flower Headband for Infant, Baby, Toddler. Ribbon Rose. (Coral)
Our Rose headband style is a beautiful swirled rose, with layers and layers of petals. It is securely (and permanently) attached to our 5/8 inch elastic, stretchy headband. This headband is comfortable to wear, and will not leave indentions or marks on your little one's head. The size is ideal for approximately 3 months-24 months, depending on head circumference. Flat and unstretched, the headband is approximately 15 inches in circumference. You simply won't be disappointed with this beautiful flower headband!