Abet - to advocate, endorse, aid, support or promote

ABEP  -  A    Better    Electoral    Process

AbetABEP - political process change to remove money from the process

AbetABEP - a better way to conduct our electoral processes 


Welcome to AbetABEP, a site that advocates, encourages, endorses, promotes and

A   Better   Electoral   Process 

We to seek enhance the electoral process through completely non-partisan efforts, to ensure an electoral process that encourages the process to move away from the influence of money, that mandates all candidates state their position in writing with answers to questions from the electorate, with guaranteed equal access to all who would seek office in our government, and that ensures equitable, fair, open and transparent campaigns and elections.

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Last Updated 02/02/2013
Concept Created 10/2004                                                                                                
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