Should I use a pen or pencil?

Pencils only please. Erasable pens are ok.

Do I have math homework tonight?

Yes.  Every night. You can find tonight's homework on Math 7Math 8Homeroom, or on Synergy.

What are the sections in my binder

SBAC Practice

Are you available for extra help?

I am available to help students during office hours.

What is the best way to reach you?

See contact

Where can I get a copy of handouts if I was absent?

Your group's Facilitator would have put copies of the handouts in your group's Absent Student Folder.
They will give you your copies the day you return to class. You can also print out a copy of any handouts from Math 7, Math 8Homeroom, or from Synergy.

Do I need to bring my Ipad everyday?


We will be using the  Ipads for Do Nows and classwork DAILY. Please be sure to bring your CHARGED Ipad every day as part of the 7 daily supplies.