How can I get a good grade in math class?

  1. Come to school daily with the materials you need to be successful.
  2. Participate positively daily to get a good participation grade.
  3. Keep your Notebook (binder) organized.
  4. Make sure assignments are completed and turned in on time. 
  5. Do your best on all tests and quizzes.
  6. Check your progress regularly on School Loop using your computer or  your phone.
  7. Feel free to arrange a conference with me during office hours if you are concerned about your grade.

What are my first priorities when I enter class?

  1. Be prepared (supplies, notebook)
  2. Have your homework out on your desk.
  3. Begin the Do Now

Should I use a pen or pencil?

Pencils only please. Please bring a small sharpener if needed.

How can I check my grade?

Go to the school website and click on LOGIN to access School Loop for your grade.

How do I get a good participation grade? 

To get a good participation grade in math class
  1. Make sure you do the DAILY 5 every day.
  2. Work effectively in group work-communicating with others and taking care of each other.
  3. Check the details of your weekly participation grade by logging in to Class Dojo.
  4. Keep your  Notebook (binder) organized.

What is the Daily 5?

The Daily 5
  1. On Time
  2. Homework
  3. Participating
  4. Classwork
  5. Clean Up

Do I have math homework tonight?


Monday to Thursday. Weekends there will be extra credit home work problems available to students who want them.
 Check the Agenda Board (picture coming soon) in class and School Loop online for daily assigned homework.

When do I turn in homework?

Homework is usually turned in the day after it was assigned. 
Check the Agenda Board (picture coming soon) in class for which homework to turn in daily.

How do I organize my Notebook (binder)

Check the Math 7 and the Math 8 pages to see how to organize your papers.
Check the Class Notebook (picture coming soon)  in class  if you are still not sure where papers go.

Are you available for extra help?

I am available to help students during office hours.

What is the best way to reach you?

You can reach me several ways!
  1. Send an email through School Loop.
  2. Send a message through Class DOJO.
  3. Open a chat in Remind . 
  4. Send an email to coming soon.

Why was my assignment marked as missing when I have a stamp?

If I record an assignment as missing, it was not turned in.
Assignments marked as missing may be stamped when I walked around to check your understanding, but were not turned in.
Please check the Agenda Board in class (picture coming soon) 
OR the School Loop Calendar to see what to turn in each day!

What should I do if I miss a class?

If a you miss a class you can:
  1. Check the school loop calendar to see what homework was due.
  2. Check the Agenda Planner (picture coming soon) in class to see what we worked on.
  3. Come to office hours.

Where can I get a copy of handouts if I was absent or if I lost them?

Your group will place a copy of the assignment in your Notebook (binder) if you are absent.
If you lose your handout, you can click on the assignment in School Loop to print them out.

What should I do if I fall behind?

  1. Do the most current assignments FIRST.
  2. Once you are back on track, go back and do old assignments to learn what you may have missed.
  3. Get tutoring during office hours for extra help.

Can I retake a test or quiz for a better grade? When? 


You can retake any test or quiz.  Please make an appointment after completing Exam Corrections and having them stamped by a peer tutor or Ms. Abernethy.

Can I turn in homework late? What is it worth?


You may turn homework in late with a Late Homework Slip (coming soon!) signed by your parent. All late homework must be turned in before the end of the Unit.
Late homework is worth 70% if it is one day late and 60% if it is more than one day late. Homework worth 90% if you have an excused absence.

Do I need a computer?

Yes and no. 

It is not mandatory for you to have a computer. In general, a computer is the modern tool for students of this era. Successful students need to know how to use a computer. If your family is in position to arrange getting a computer, it will be very beneficial to get one. If not, there are computers available at the public library!

Why are there pictures of food on handouts?

The handouts can look very similar at first glance. Often students pick up the wrong one (which doesn't leave enough for other students). The pictures are there to help you tell them apart!