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posted 28 Mar 2018, 12:50 by Mark Maylin   [ updated 28 Mar 2018, 12:51 ]

Last year I had a most enjoyable season fishing out from Aberdour on my small dory style boat Pescador.

The catches were very poor to start with but I knew there must be some fish there as all those seals must be eating something.


Gradually The fishing improved as the season went on and after hours of searching various areas.  The main thing I noticed was fresh bait is a must. Ragworm is the top bait. If you go out and fish a decent spot with fresh ragworm there always seemed to be a few fish about. 

The fish species caught were mackerel, codling, coalfish, flounder and wrasse. This season I will be trying to add Sea Trout and Pollack to the list. I think there may be a few surprises out there too for those willing to put in the time and try something different.


To help generate a bit more interest and interaction between the club members who fish I am going to put forward a prize for the Fish of the season.

The prize will be a voucher to use in a local restaurant. 


Fish of the Season Competition

Voucher to use in a local restaurant for the best fish caught from any of the club members boats during the 2018 season.

All that is required is a Photo and the Size Length / Weight of the fish. (This way catch and release fish can be entered for the prize ).

Prize given at end of season AGM. 

To enter email photo and catch details to Martin Rowan. (see handbook)


Best Wishes & Tight Lines

Martin Rowan

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