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News Updates

Club Diary now updated for 2018 season. Please note that whilst an evening series has not been programmed, races will be held when tides and weather are favorable, members will be notified by email.

Additional cruising activity may will hopefully be possible and this too will be notified by email /poster. Please check the Club noticeboard and or Facebook page / website for latest updates.

Craning out

posted 7 Sep 2018, 01:45 by Mark Maylin

Craning out will commence at 0900hrs on Saturday 6th October. All members wishing a boat or mast craned out please add your details to the list on the clubhouse noticeboard.


posted 26 Aug 2018, 10:18 by Mark Maylin

12 Boats representing the three Clubs which compete for the B.A.D. Cup enjoyed a sunny day with light and shifty winds. Congratulations to Burntisland SC who convincingly won this year with Aberdour in second place and last years winners, Dalgety Bay in third.

Burntisland Celebration Cruise

posted 14 Aug 2018, 08:33 by Mark Maylin

BSC celebrates its 64th anniversary this year and also the official opening of their new pontoons. 6 Aberdour Boats joined visitors from Dysart, Newhaven, Granton and Limekilns to help them celebrate.

Single Handed race

posted 19 Jun 2018, 03:44 by Mark Maylin

There were 5 entrants in all with the honours going to Whispers, followed in 2nd place by Karina and 3rd Mojito.

Cruise to FCC

posted 13 May 2018, 19:10 by Mark Maylin   [ updated 23 May 2018, 14:03 ]

ABC Cruise to Limekilns was a great success with six ABC yachts enjoying a fine sail and a BBQ. 

Craig Dubh Trophy

posted 8 May 2018, 08:09 by Mark Maylin   [ updated 14 May 2018, 14:23 ]

Results:- : Markate 1; Kenamara 2; Paul Jones 3; Looby Lou 4

Corriemar Trophy

posted 25 Apr 2018, 09:35 by Mark Maylin   [ updated 3 May 2018, 23:39 ]

1st Race of the 2018 Season  - There were 5 entrants for the race with results as follows  1st Place Markate - A. Carnduff,  2nd Rascal - J. McDougal. 

Spring Newsletter

posted 31 Mar 2018, 08:42 by Mark Maylin

New Cruising and Fishing pages

posted 28 Mar 2018, 12:56 by Mark Maylin

Members are invited to contribute cruising logs/ information for the Cruising page and any fishing related information for the fishing section. All submissions should be emailed to Secretary@aberdourboatclub.co.uk

Marine incident recording

posted 10 Jan 2018, 13:54 by Mark Maylin

Forth Ports have issued the attached form to simplify recording of marine incidents. Please complete this and return it to them if you are involved in any incident which in some way represents an unsafe situation. Examples are potentially dangerous incidents involving other vessels, navigation marks or lights missing or not operating correctly, tangles with poorly marked lobster pots etc. There could many other situations but if you feel your safety is or was in some way compromised then they would like to hear about it. It is a simple matter for them to disregard the report if they don't consider it relevant.  

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