Our elder and better, GAS is the regional equivalent of AUSS which assists professional and amateur storytellers in improving their abilities and finding storytelling work via their directory. If you are seriously interested in becoming a 'proper' storyteller then you should consider them. Go along to Queens Cross Church in the second week of every month for a 'Friday Fling' where they meet and,, swap stories. 

The Scottish Storytelling Centre exists to promote the art of storytelling within Scotland; it runs an annual training programme of workshops and organises the International Storytelling Festival in October. It's bigger, better and owns its own home [John Knox House on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh]!

If storytelling has sucked you in and you would like to learn another [Scottish] skill then SC&T can teach you Gaelic, singing, especially ballads, and a plethora of musical instruments. All classes are held at Harlaw Academy on evenings during the week.

The Elphinstone Institute
Storytelling is not just for fun, y'know. The Elphinstone Institute at the University of Aberdeen [McRobert building] study its relevance in Scottish culture and history. Students can peruse the vast collections of the Buchan Library.