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The Present

 The Storytelling Society at the University of Aberdeen is a club for students dedicated to the ancient global tradition of oral storytelling. We meet regularly for workshops and special events, which include visits from guest tellers and our hugely successful ghost walk around campus, or for simple entertainment amongst ourselves. If you would like to join us please come along whenever we are meeting, whatever we are doing. Participation is strictly voluntary and nobody will be alone if they simply enjoy listening. We also provide the best refreshments on campus! Send us an email if you would like more information.
                                                  The Past
AUSS was founded in 2007 as an addition to the large cultural and performing arts community at the University of Aberdeen. Indeed, we pride ourselves on offering something for anyone interested in either of these vibrant areas of student life. In the last four years we have had enormous fun designing workshops and creating events, often in collaboration with other societies, including the Veg Garden, InterSoc and the Celtic Society. We have also worked with the Grampian Association of Storytellers, with whom AUSS is affiliated. A highlight of our experiences was  providing stories for the popular, but sadly discontinued, Wickerman festival every October since our foundation. Our proudest achievement, however, is that despite our small size we have accrued possibly one of the most diverse alumni's of any society!

The Future

In September 2011 we will be moving from our old and much loved home in NK11 to Macrobert 310. Meetings will still occur at the usual time of 7-9 on Wednesday evenings unless. Changes will be posted here if necessary.