Pre- Run Preparation

All hares should familiarise themselves with the AH3 Covid Risk Register for runs.

All hares to confirm that they have read and will comply with the Covid-19 run setting guidelines.

All hares to confirm that they have completed a Risk Assessment (word Doc) for their run, which will be signed-off by the Lead Covid Officer at least one week before the date of the run. The Risk Assessment is also available as on online form. for

All hares are required to register Online.

The Head Hare will co-ordinate hares for future runs.

  • Runs should only be held in more remote areas in the countryside, avoiding town centres, popular walking parks/places.

  • Run site car parking to be large enough to hold enough cars for 30 to 50 runners, including enough space for ONE metre social distancing.

  • The run site should have space for holding pre and post run circles for up to 50 hashers utilising the One metre social distancing

  • The Hare should identify areas that may cause "bunching up" during the run at pinch points such as gates, crossing streams/fences etc. These should be identified on the Risk assessment.

Setting the run

Inexperienced Hares should only set a run with an experienced Hare.

The hare should ensure that wherever possible the trail avoids situations where runners/ walkers/general public could bunch up at pinch points such as checks, fences, river crossings and social distancing is maintained.

During the run

  • It is not essential for a hare to be on the run, but it is advised.

  • Ideally, the hare should be contactable by mobile phone during the run, where possible (eg if there is a signal)

  • If on trail the Hare should try and check that the pack is not "bunching up" during the run at pinch points such as gates, crossing streams/fences etc.

  • If there is a second Hare, they should assist by acting as a Trail sweeper, to expedite the slower runners/walkers on the trail.