Aberdeen Hash House Harriers AGPU (Anual General Piss Up) happens once a year in mid September.
The date and proceedings are decided by the incumbent committee.
2018 - 2019. 
 Mismanagement Position Hash Handle    Contact Email List of duties 
    Grand Master Wee Willy not yet active.
Responsible for all day to day activities of AberdeenH3.
Ensures there is a trail each week.

Records Minutes of Meetings.
Pre Trail welcome of new runners and Hash visitors, presents run awards & nominates a Hash Scribe.
 Hash CashSharnie not yet active 
Pre trail collection of agreed run fees, and advises GM of any run awards.
Post trail collection of receipts from hares and/or Hash beer for reimbursement of agreed spending amounts.
Maintains AberdeenH3 records system and bank account.
Maintains auditable accounts.
Arranges 3rd party insurance.
Identifies run awards and purchases in advance of award due date.
 On Sec  Little Shit Contact to/from other hashes concerning external & internal hash events. 
Post internal & external hash events to AberdeenH3 membership.
Administers Google email group.
 Head Hare Pink Email not yet active
Organises Hares to lay trails.
Advises hares on AberdeenH3 trail laying techniques.
Acts as contact with land owners and Forestry bodies.
Updates website with trail details.
 Hash BeerDrillbit
Ballerina not yet active
Acquires and dispenses AberdeenH3 liquid refreshments for consumption post trail.
During the winter months providing Gluhwein as an alternative.
Dispenses Down Downs for the RA.
 Edit HareLittle Shit  aberdeenh3@gmail.comAdministers AberdeenH3 website 
Administers Social Media sites (FB etc)
Edits and posts AberdeenH3 scribes write ups.
Edits & posts hash events on Aberdeen H3 fb group and website.
 Soc Sec Golden Shower
Roger me More Email not yet active
Organises inherited AberdeenH3 Christmas Party. 
Books venue for next AberdeenH3 Christmas Party.
Manages adhoc social events as agreed by committee.
 RA Twizzle
Aids not yet active
Administers pre & post trail arbitrary awards and punishments to those attending.
"Do not the truth get in the way of a good story" 

Note: Aids and Little Shit are ex-officio committee members and have no voting rights.

Aberdeen HHH,
12 Jan 2019, 08:46