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1965 - Sun 12 Jan 2010 - Garlogie - Hare: Toy Boy Tom - Scribe: Theresa

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1965

Sun 12th January 2020


Hare: Toy Boy Tom

There was no beer at beer check on this run. But I did get to try my first Whiskey Mac.

After the run our resident Historian, Sir Hillary Deadmund said this in the circle that not only was 1965 the year Skinny Witch was born, the Rolling Stones were top of the charts with – “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”. Inventions included: AstroTurf, the cordless telephone, drones, Kevlar and chocolate eclairs. The unofficial national anthem of Scotland- Flower of Scotland- was also written in this year.  

The down downs began with retrospective DDs for the Full Moon run on Friday.

-        The organiser Twizzle got a down down for there being no moon.

-        JC had grazed his face at the Full Moon run and he and Mr T (just freshly given his new name because he drinks a can or two of Tennets ahead of every run) was asked to join him for also having cut up legs from braving Toy Boy Tom’s adventurous trail.

-        Golden Shower, Underlay, Prickly Bush and Drillbit were given DDs for being told to take a head torch and fluorescent jacket to the run and then turning up without it. JC turned up with a red light in his head torch… meaning he should have done the run backwards!

-        Gas Chamber got a DD for being very merry at the Horse Race Night at the Ashvale Restaurant on Friday. She normally must drive her husband Cannae Dae that!  to events. On this rare occasion… he drove so he got a down down for causing the incident by driving.

This was a very long circles session and it continued with DDs for today’s run…

-        New hasher American Jess was introduced. She said her name was “Just Jess” and Aids the RA thought that was a suitable name “Just Jess”(J.J. -  Ed). Later on Just Jess got a second down down for talking through proceedings.

-        Barbarella got one for dropping a £10 note (which he was made to give to charity despite his protests).

-        The Ambassador was back in Aberdeen and got a down down for borrowing everyone’s stuff to make it through the run.

-        The Hare, Toy Boy Tom and Hippo got a DD for raiding Ballerina’s beer from his garage aided by his wife Annie Bollocks (who wasn’t at the Hash).

-        Who’s got a big one? Muff Diver does- he bought a 65inch TV. Others including Numbskull were called in for the DD for also having big ones. Just Jess said those sizes wouldn’t be considered big ones in the States!

Scribe: Theresa  

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