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1963 - Sun 05 Jan 2020 - Seaton Park - Hare: Pink Panther - Scribe: Bruce frae Fochabers

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1963

Sunday 4th January 2020

Seaton Park

Hare: Pink Panther

The following text is a creation or invention by a virgin scribe B. Duncan frae Fochabers.

First meet of the year, between 30 and 40 hashers gathered on a clear day exchanging festive greetings and embraces in the Seaton Park carpark.

·         Two new virgin hashers Corinne and Fay were ceremonially welcomed by a traditional down down.

·         There were some returnees such as Sharnie, Rats, Shaky and Goatwrestler.

·         The following 1963 birthday hashers were forced to admit their age Longshanks, Smiler and Bruce Almighty.

The run set off at a sprint across the park however the pace came to a snail’s pace soon after as we started the first small hill at the back of St Machar’s Cathedral and the first checkpoint confused everyone as the swarm of hashers moved back and forth along the lane in both directions. Eventually the swarm was sent down to the river path. Some hashers “might have cheated” at this point since they were seen waiting on the other side. Once the bridge was crossed, we headed along the river-path on the other side. 

One hasher identified an animal in the river as a seal however the reputable P&J published photographic evidence of a family of otters living at that same spot in their Monday’s edition.

The beer stop/ sweetie stop was set at an idyllic spot on the riverbank below the Brig of Balgownie, and unlike several recent hashes, had enough beer for everyone.

All Because whilst trying to take a group photo at the Brig slipped and nearly had to be rescued from the Don and was rewarded by this action by a “Don Don” at the end of the run.

There were a few charges in circle however whilst carrying my ceremonial task as scribe my attention was distracted by a flippant Fire Flaps shouting at myself to write everything down and taking intimidating photos of my lack of experience as a scribe.

·         Olymprick charged one of the virgins, Fay, for pouring out beer on the ground at the beer stop but the circle was not too sympathetic since it transpired it was only Punk AF beer.

·         Serious complaints were also raised about the incorrect number of spots left at some of the checkpoints by the hare.

On a more serious point:

·         Hashers were asked to support the Full Moon Hash by Twizzle.

·         Race night in the Ashvale Chip shop by All Because- to raise funds for a trip to Bolivia for I believe a family member.

·         The Burns Night at Archibald Simpsons was highlighted as excuse to get merry I believe is Saturday the 25th of January.

Down Down also awarded to Pink Panther for an excellent run.


Bruce frae Fochabers

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