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1913 - Sun 10 Feb 2019 - Don View Millstone Hill - Hare:Hippo - Scribe: Biggles

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1913

Don View Millstone Hill

Sunday 10th February 2019

Hare: Hippo

I was stitched up for the honour of being scribe, cos Cinders talked to me while the circle was on, and I foolishly turned to listen to her.

The GM welcomed us to hash 1913, and was awarded a down-down for brain fog, having just returned from holiday he blamed it on jet-lag

Horrible history told us that the Derby was more eventful than normal, when Emily Davison threw herself in front of the king's horse Anmer whilst it was leading. Was it an attempt to stop the horse and tie a banner on it, or because she had 6d on the eventual winner Aboyeur.

Hare Hippo explained the ethos of following a Hash trail, warning that there was ice aplenty on some parts.

Started off up the slope (wot a surprise), slippery slope, and it got worse. Those with crampons and ice axe were to the fore. J.C. was an early faller.

When the trail disappeared into the woods it became ice free, the ice only reappearing on the main paths. Plenty of checks to keep us entertained.

After a good run, with those at the front changing often as befits a well set hash, we arrive at the beer check to find Fifi and Ballerina already there.

Barbarella was conspicuous by his absence, which was gratifying as we knew we were on trail if he was missing.

The walkin talkin section was having fun, cos they decided to take a short cut which due to the icy terrain turned into a long cut. Shit boyfriend ended up on his hands and knees- did he fall or was he pushed? Doesn't matter and he then crawled across the ice on all fours, but they all made it back before the main body of the hash anyway.

Last to arrive back were Ballerina and Barbarella, after the circle had been called, so they were given the 1st down-downs.

  • Next up was Coke Snorter for picking up the flour on trail to check if it was flour.
  •  JC for falling over.
  • JC for allowing Fifi’s dog to chase a cat that hid up a tree, this was the previous week but the RA has a long memory as yet unaffected by Old Timers disease.
  • Biggles for making an unPC comment about allowing dog's to sleep in his bed, but sending them home in the morning after they had cooked him breakfast.
  • Wee Willie for only running the 10 yards before the Beer check, for which he blamed jet -lag again.
  • Sauerkraut as he found a glove and stuffed it in Hippo's backpack for safe keeping, but when it was looked for it was missing.
  • JC for having breakfast in bed and saying he wasn't getting up to go hashing.
  • Wet Vet had a naming ceremony cos he was wet and wanted to change clothes rather than attend the circle.
  • Tonto for being an athlete, as he is representing England in the noble sport of curling.
  •  Hippo the hare for a good run.

  A well spent Sunday morning


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