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1961 - Sun 22nd Dec 2019 - Drumoak - Hare: Numbskull - Scribe: Bruce Almighty

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers
Run 1961
Hare: Numbskull
We gathered together behind Chez Numbskull for our Christmas r*n. Almost everyone was dressed for the season. Things were going great until the GM dumped scribe on me.

GM called out recently started harriettes, since he was skiving during their first r*n.

Sir Deadmund did his as always unwanted horrible history.

We had a r*n.

I had a walk.

There was decent beer at the beer stop if you were quick.

We had a circle.

Asstitty made best total ever.

We had great on inn thanks to The Dutchess, and Dad Dad's curry.

Farmer Muff Diver decided he wanted to plough Numbskull's grass, but the van wasn't up to it, and had to be rescued by a shepherdess, FiFi.

BA actually submitted a scribe for the first time in many years. It wasn't worth it.


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