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1959 - Sun 08 Dec 2019 - Cults - Hare: Glasgow - Scribe: Thrupenny Bits

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1959

Sunday 8th December 2019

OnOn:   Cults

Hare:     Glasgow

The morning after the night before…….I don’t suppose I was the only party animal looking a bit jaded, but I was the only one to be volunteered (via a push from behind – any guesses who?) to be scribe. Being full of Christmas spirit the pen and paper were accepted with a happy smile although a muttering to Shite Boy Friend may have been heard by those nearby.

As AH3 is currently linking run numbers to birth years we are enjoying an easy down-down at the start of each run. Apparently, Toy Boy Tom and Olymprick are the same age as Tonto and All Because. Seems a bit dodgy and this was voiced by The Dutchess who was awarded a pre run down-down by RA, Numbskull.

Run 1959 was a hash with a difference – no trail, just a list of numbered or lettered clues and a map. What could possibly go wrong? Hungover hashers, mostly without their glasses, trying to fathom out clues to take them around the neighbourhood, writing answers whilst on the move. Teams of runners and walkers set off on different routes to test their skills. Much milling around in Cults ensued, until the concept of the exercise finally filtered through.

The clues led us walkers down to the railway line where there was much ado about where to go next; we had already lost a few ….Shite Boy Freind didn’t make it past Costa…whereas Drillbit and All Because dropped in there but felt it was a bit too early in the hash to  be diverted by cake. Our trail took us in an easterly direction for a couple of clicks, and then up to the main road where our party split as half didn’t have very good map-reading skills. On that note, does Glasgow know her left from her right?  Panty Pockets and I were convinced that the green metal fence was on our RIGHT…. then we headed back past the tennis club towards the Cults Hotel where we found the beer and sweetie check.

Back at the hares house the competitive teams were rushing to complete their sheets before the deadline of 1pm whilst the rest just settled in for a cosy chat. Jetslag proved her first class status by summoning some poor soul to bring her a mug of mulled wine. Shortly after there were calls of “Outside for the circle” which was ignored by a few softies who stayed behind glass to watch the proceedings.

Guest RA Sceptic stepped in to award a few down-downs:

·       Sir Deadmond Hillary for his Horrible Histories

·         Wee Willie for leading a new runner astray

·         Toy Boy Tom for claiming to be younger than he is

·         Barbarella for being too competitive and hiding clues

·         Tonto

Back to RA Numbskull for the following down-downs:

·         Visitors and Virgins: Sceptic, The Penguin, Val and A.N.Other (apologies for not recalling name)

·         Quiz Winners - and guess what – a tiebreaker question was necessary to decide between three teams. It seems even hashers that live in Cults don’t know how far it is from Aberdeen.

·         Hares of course for an excellent alternative to following flour, whatever Sir Deadmond Hillary might normally say… and a delicious soup, pork and mince pie meal. Well done guys!


Thrupenny Bits

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