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1955 - Sun 10 Nov 2019 - Glen Dye - Hare: Prickley Bush - Scribe: Numskull

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1955
Sunday 10/11/19
Glen Dye
Hare - Prickly Bush

Apparently, in 1955, the population of the world was around 2.8 billion (2.8 x 109). Now it is around 7.7 billion (7.7 x 109). Some of us have been busy!

Known bornees in 1955 were James Dean and John (Canna-dae-that), who got a DD.

For some reason, Vancouver was mentioned and all hashers who had been there had a DD. One Vancouver visitor drinks ………..

Aids announced he had been told to have had a clear out and produced …………..
a beer quiver (wtf?).

Prickly Bush said a bit about the run and signs and stuff and said for walkers to remain behind for the co-hare. No mention of beer check, but hope springs, etc…………. Co-hare didn’t have maps but claimed to be the guide or tour leader - turned out to be neither.

Along the road quite nicely for a bit with sun on back and dry under foot. Then off R into the woods and no sun and not dry under foot.

Came across strange sight of All Because straddling what seemed to be the trail with hashers jumping past him. Closer looked revealed he was acting as a firm anchor point over a raging torrent with Shaky helping to pull jumping hashers up the far bank. As I took my turn, Shaky strangely wobbled shakily and fell into the raging torrent. I got across safely, so that was OK.

Guide / tour leader then led us around a loop and back onto the road at the point where we had left it. So, needn’t have bothered! Whinger and I followed on with me listening intently to the long story about his medical history (again).

Guide then led us back to the cars and stated that the location of the beer check was unknown - Tuh!

A few of us did a No-No and discovered the beer was where Whinger and I had passed earlier. All I can say is that I was so engrossed in Whinger’s complaints that my usually alert beer check sensors had been numbed.

At the beer check, Skinny Witch came over and said “Woof, woof”. For a brief deluded moment I thought this might be some kind of romantic advance, then realised it was a reference to the previous week’s scribe having been Boston. So, mention in dispatches for Skinny Witch and Boston.

Back at the circle for (some) DDs (in no particular order).

- Fi-Fi for bringing a bike and riding around on it
- Myself for stuffing Fireflap’s boot with lamb meat
- Keith for being young at heart and smashing up ice on the puddles - a la Nuggets.
This promptly got him a naming ceremony, henceforth to be known by hash handle of ‘Ice Breaker’
- Me again, for having wrecked another brolley (again) - at the previous weekend Noban


- Next pensioner’s lunch, Café Andaluz, 29 November, 12:00 for 12:30
- 40th anniversary, 17 April - see Mrs T for details

….. and now (yawn!!)

Horrible History Lesson for Run 1955 (courtesy of Sir Deadmund Hillary)

Disneyland opened.
The most famous person in the world was James Dean.
Switzerland banned all forms of motor-racing following the Le Mans disaster, which killed 90 spectators. The ban is still in place today.
The TV remote was invented - called the clicker.
B-52 nuclear bomber built. It is still in service and not due to be replaced until 2050.
Rosa Parks was arrested after refusing to give up her bus seat to a white passenger in Montgomery, Alabama.


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