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1953 - Sun 27 Oct 2019 - Kirkhill Forest - Hare: Wee Willie - Scribe: Wee Willie

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run No. 1953

Sunday 27th October 2019

Kirkhill Forest

Hare: Wee Willie

There many privileges associated with the GM's role, awarding the GM the hash scribe is probably the most unusual. But why should it be only the pack that share their literary interpretation of the day's events? Indeed. So here goes...

A good turnout at 11am, seems that all had remembered winter time had arrived this morning. 

Some celebrations to start the day: RA (Aids) awarded Mad King George his 25 run T-shirt, and Pink Panther her 800 run comfy chair (!).

Cockatool & Nae Desperate visited us after doing the 'Illuminator' in Glen Tanar on Saturday night. Twizzle had been spotted on the run, but hasn't made the hash today...

Tonto & Egg Phoo returned after their 3 month sojourn in the US.  Wet Vet returned because he could...

 Horrible History by Sir Deadmund Hillary- Run 1953 was something to do with a big flood in Lincolnshire and Netherlands, also England apparently losing at football.

Nugget informed us that he was researching the oldest living things- so he figured he should come to the Hash...

Hare (yours Truly) confused folk by starting the run in an anti-clockwise direction round Kirkhill Forest. Shiggy, trees, paths, hills, short-cuts, views, sweeties and beer was promised, and delivered. Good to see the usual grumbling walky-talkies happy that their short-cuts were keeping them up with the pack. FRBs were not so happy with the wonderful section of ankle-breaking felled woodland, and hills to climb... but the hash is about more than fun. Though the hare had to stop a few FRBs (Barbarella & Prickly Bush) from short-cutting to the sweetie check.

Shiggy lived up to expectations for some, with Cockatool spreading it around liberally, and showing his cave-man tendencies by dunking Nugget in a particular gluggy shiggy pool. He was happy, he had found the oldest living thing. It was noted that Nae Desperate was particularly good at avoiding Cockatool when it was squidgy underfoot (no shiggy- or flies- on her). 

There were great views up both Hill of Markus and Tyrebagger Hill- or would have been if it hadn't been wet and windy. Fortunately beer check was deep in the forest, so wet beer in a dry forest. 

Most made it back to car park for DDs- search-party not needed for the lost souls- Tickle a Sunrise, Cannae Dae That, Gas Chamber, Glasgow- who eventually had to ask civilians where the car park was. Map reader was apparently Cannae Dae That, who for some reason had left his glasses with Barbarella.

Lots of punishment due, so DDs came think and fast: 

  • Being old (theme of the day)- JC, Aids & Golden Shower
  • Red Hats- Hippo & Tonto matching twins, so much so that their wives couldn't tell them apart.
  • DD awarded to Google from Cockatool- for hiding AH3 website (in Google's absence DD taken by Little Shit)
  • There was something about Mad King George and T-Rex Cock failing the glühwein test.
  • And Shite Boyfriend for wearing women's nickers...
  • Marketing Executive Bruce Almighty overcharging Longshanks for hash T-shirt.
  • Cockatool- incurring the wrath of the mother for shiggy abuse  
  • Nae Desperate- for being shiggy-free  
  • Cannae Dae That- for no glasses and ineffective map reading.
  • Grand naming ceremony- we welcome Tickle A Sunrise!
  • Hare- another Run of the Year- Wee Willie

OnOn to the Leys Hotel! A good turnout, good food and beer!


Wee Willie



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