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1952 - Sun 20 Oct 2019 - Bennachie - Hare: Sir Deadmond Hillary - Scribe: Fire Flaps

Aberdeen Hash House Harriers

Run 1952

Sunday 20th October 2019


Hare: Sir Deadmund Hillary

Things that happened in 1952: 


  1. Sooty waved hello to our new Queen
  2. Tv detector vans roamed our smog filled lands
  3. Children were encouraged to eat Mr Potato Head in order to avoid Polio 

 And somehow, time was found to produce T-Rex Cock, Biggles and Sir Deadmund Hillary.


So how does AH3 top that? With a bloody great big hill of course! Sir Deadmund Hill-Ary (Aptly named by GH3. Ed) proved the flour was indeed our friend (although it sadly did not declare the location of the sweeties until I had passed said sweetie stop) and trail led us merrily up to the summit of Mither Tap. Hashers were seen on all fours (not like us) climbing to the top of the rocky outcrop (lots of good bum ogling opportunities) trying not to let the gale force gusts make their descent more rapid than they would prefer. Several ‘proof I was up here’ selfies later and the pack ran/stumbled/edged precariously back down to less breezy climes.

Numskull, Sir Deadmund Hillary and Bruce Almighty greeted us back down at the base at the beer check where Numskull taunted his aneurism by hoicking the picnic table to the ever moving patch of sun and Bruce Almighty was seen in a most unnatural state clutching a batch of softies.


The important bit:

 Pre-run down downs went to the three old b*stards for the achievement of being fastest sperm, and 300 run award given (Fire Flaps, well done. Ed) to yours truly for being absolutely lovely on all said 300 runs. 

Further down downs after the trail went to the following:

  • Barbarella – for bullshit (so I’m told, and who am I to argue) 
  • Shit Boyfriend, Drillbit and Gas Chamber for being coffee shop clots
  • Struth, Langhanks, Fire Flaps (to name but a few) for being miserly sods and not paying their parking fee
  • Numskull – for totally messing up Fire Flaps’s date
  • Fire Flaps – for totally messing up her own (subsequent) date
  • Sir Deadmund Hill-Ary  – for very cleverly finding his own lost property without realizing it


Our guest RA then arsed the whole thing up (should come as no surprise to anyone) by forgetting to give the hare a down down. However, the new runner (whose name escapes me but I’m sure it’s lovely) was lucky enough to get two.


Many then went on to appreciate the high class delights of Weatherspoons where the delighted echo of ‘my pint was SO CHEAP!’ rang around the building for a happy few hours. 


Flaps 🙂🔛🔛

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